All About the Different Types of Bath Towels

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There are somethings in every household that subconsciously get ignored as we have been using them for ages and on a daily basis. One such thing is a bath towel. It becomes all the more important to pay attention to your bathroom towels as they are something you use numerous times in a day, every day.

There are times we end up using the same towel for different purposes despite having separate towels for each purpose. This is a mistake as the towels are cut out in a way so that each task can be done effectively. Even if you are using a bath towel robe, you will need the different bath towels for your everyday needs.

Broadly if we look at it there are four different kinds of bathroom towels:

Bath Towels:

Post shower you need these fairly large towels to dry yourself off. A good bath towel is essential and a necessity. When it comes to soaking, the fabric you trust is cotton. So, the cotton bath towel is what we use on a daily basis. Bath towels are available in various sizes. Make sure to go for the standard size (30”x56”) so that it is easy to manage and it does the work well.


Bath Sheets:

If you are looking for something large, then go for a bath sheet. The only difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet is its size. The standard size of a bath sheet is 40”x70”. Some brands have bath sheets under bath towels. You just need to go for a bigger size for a bath sheet.


Face Towels:

A more convenient and compact way to keep your face clean – Face towels or washcloths or wash towels. These cotton towels are comparatively smaller in size which makes them handier.

The standard size of a face towel is 12”x12”. The facial skin being more delicate, it is important we use a separate and a soft cotton face towel to keep the bacteria and the dirt off our face. The facial skin is the most exposed part at all times and needs a good quality cotton face towel to be taken care of.

As the name suggests, we keep these towels aside for keeping our hands dry. Used in the kitchen, dining area, and in our bags, the hand towel is most frequently used in all household.
The standard size of a hand towel is 20”x30”. 

Things to Consider:

What is important to all the above kinds of bathroom towels is the fabric which must be cotton. Cotton is safe to use for you and the environment and it is easy to take care of essentials woven with cotton. It is soft and absorbent which makes keeping the skin dry in a delicate manner easy. The other thing we should consider is the thickness of the fabric. A thick fabric towel is essential to soak off the water in minimum time.

Organize Them:

Usually, we tend to use the towel which is readily available. To ensure you remember to use the different towels for the different purposes, arrange them and hang them accordingly so that they are right in front of you when you need them. Use bath towel hooks, towel racks, towel holders, and towel cabinets to store and organize the set of bath towels. While the extra ones can be stored in the towel cabinets, hang the everyday use bath towels on towel hooks, the face towels on a rack and the hand towels on a towel holder. Remember not to use the towel you use for your hands on your face. The germs on the hands will instantly travel to your face.

Regular Laundry Schedule:

Ensure the bath towels are washed regularly. Form a laundry schedule for bath towels so that you don’t wait for them to be washed with your everyday clothes. Wash them separately. Please avoid fabric softeners as in the longer run the ability of the towels to absorb will reduce. Do not leave them to dry for long as it takes away the softness. Tumble-dry them and leave them on the clothesline for as long as they need to be completely dry.

Make sure you get a set of bath towels if you don’t have it already and start using it today. With better organization, knowledge, and regular care of the bath towels, your skin will always be taken care of and the set of bath towels will run longer.

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