Making a Difference: 2023 Impact Report  Embracing the Power of Change

Making a Difference: 2023 Impact Report Embracing the Power of Change

This impact report serves as a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, highlighting the significant strides we have taken, no matter how small, to drive positive change.
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Our Guiding Principles

All Cotton and Linen believes that true comfort extends beyond our designs; it begins with the deep reverence we hold for every aspect of our process. From the nurturing of the soil that yields our fibers to the relationships we forge with families who invite us into their most intimate spaces, we recognize our interconnectedness and the responsibility we bear for the impact we make.

Our Collaborative Approach

Recognizing that the pursuit of climate health requires collective effort, All Cotton and Linen understands the significance of global alliances. Comprising 17 shared objectives, these goals serve as a compass, guiding individuals and organizations worldwide towards a sustainable future. With a meticulous selection process based on shared values, transparent supply chains, and proven track records, we collaborate with a network of partners and non-profit organizations across the globe.

By prioritizing economic and environmental prosperity, we remain dedicated not only as a business but as responsible global citizens, working together towards common objectives such as climate action, clean water, and conservation. This commitment ensures that our initiatives stay on course, empowering us to contribute effectively to the broader global goals we share.

Celebrating Natural Fibers

At All Cotton and Linen, our textiles are a testament to the inherent beauty, resilience, and authenticity of pure, organically grown fibers, untainted by synthetic materials. By exclusively utilizing these natural fibers, we prioritize the principles of organic farming and intentional processing, which significantly minimize our impact on the soil, air, and waterways that sustain our global community. This conscious approach not only reduces our ecological footprint but also enables us to renew or recycle each product we craft, further contributing to a circular economy.

Organic Cotton 

Our organic cotton is grown using natural and sustainable farming methods, without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, preserving soil health and biodiversity. This promotes a healthier ecosystem, safeguards the well-being of farmers, and reduces environmental impact. Additionally, our organic cotton fibers are softer and hypoallergenic, making them gentle on the skin and perfect for sensitive individuals. By choosing organic cotton, you support sustainable agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient textile industry.

Organic Linen 

Organic linen is derived from flax plants cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), promoting environmental sustainability and healthier farming practices. It offers breathability, durability, and a naturally textured feel, making it a preferred choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking sustainable and high-quality home textiles.

Our Commitment to Certifications

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS): Recognized as the foremost authority in textile processing for organic fibers, GOTS certification ensures traceability throughout the supply chain, prioritizing not only the immediate safety of our products but also the long-term impact of their creation on communities and ecosystems.

FAIR TRADE USA: Our Fair Trade Certified™️ products actively contribute to the well-being of our partner communities and the preservation of their natural resources. By reducing poverty, creating opportunities, and improving the quality of life for workers and their families, we uphold our commitment to social and economic justice.

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