Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets for Your Little One

If you are a parent of a little one, or going to be one, or you know someone who is going to be a parent, then this article is for you. Sleep for all of us, especially babies is vital. And babies sleep well when their bedding is soft and comfortable.
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Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

Whether you are looking at upgrading your baby’s bedding or gifting a loved one, then crib sheets is a must. If you have a baby cot then make sure you have a cot sheet for it. ACL crib sheets are weaved with the purest form of cotton, organic cotton which is the safest fabric option for the soft and sensitive skin of your little one. The organic crib sheets ensure the baby sleeps uninterrupted on the soft and cozy fabric. The fitted crib sheet crafted with natural organic cotton and with 400 thread count gives the crib a smooth and tidy surface for the baby to sleep in ultimate comfort.


fitted crib sheet

Sateen Weave Standard Size Cotton Crib Sheet

The Sateen weave fitted crib sheet measures 28”x52”x9” which is large enough to be tucked in from all sides so that the sheet doesn’t come out from the sides. The 100% natural fitted crib sheet is breathable which keeps the baby cool and comfortable. The organic cotton fitted crib sheets for baby girl and boy with sateen weave has a structure where the cotton threads are tightly woven together. This gives the crib sheets a softer, shinier, and a smoother look and feel. The organic cotton fibers that are used to weave the fitted crib sheets are made into longer strands due to which the fitted crib sheets are durable. The crib sheets have double stiches which gives it a neat look and feel. It is due to the weave the crib mattress sheets are thicker. The organic cotton fitted crib sheet is designed in a way so that it can be used throughout the year.

Crib Sheets for a Snug Fit

We know how important it is for the crib sheets to remain tidy as your little one spends quite some time in the crib. The cotton crib sheets are wrinkle resistant owing to the quality of the fabric. The crib sheets have deep pockets that help hold the mattress in its right place and allows you to maintain a clean crib through the day. Our fitted crib sheets have encased elastic band around the entire edge, which gives it a secure & snug fit for babies. We are sure you will love the way your baby sleeps through the night on the soft and breathable cotton crib sheet.

Cotton Crib Sheets for a Goodnight Sleep

Each and everything you pick up for your baby is special and safe. So, you definitely wouldn’t think twice before getting the safest and the most comfortable crib sheet for the love of your life. Rest your worries aside and enjoy seeing your baby sleep peacefully and comfortably on the organic cotton fitted crib sheet. Sweet dreams to your little one.

Crib Sheets in White and Natural Colors

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While choosing the bedding essentials for your baby, color is vital. While a child’s room can be colorful and vibrant, the bedding needs to be in a color which is soothing and calming for the baby. ACL crib sheets for the mattress are available in two light shades - absolute and pure white and the other is natural color. Both these colors will ensure that your baby remains calm as he or she sleeps undisturbed. The light and natural color crib sheets aid in quality sleep. Keeping the crib sheets clean is equally important. You can easily maintain the crib sheets as they are machine washable in normal temperature water and can be tumble dry low.


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