Cotton Tablecloths for Home

Whether you are someone who is interested in home décor or not, a cotton tablecloth is something which needs your attention. It is a household essential which is highly functional and adds to the aesthetics of modern living. tablecloths are an easy, effective, and economic way to upgrade the look of your dining table. Every meal becomes special, memorable, and mess-free with the soft and inviting tablecloths.  

Fast paced lives, even while working from home demands things in a household that add value, elegance, and aids in a more efficient and modern lifestyle. Primarily we use tablecloth to protect the surface of any table, be it the dining table, center table, office table, kitchen table, outdoor table, or a coffee table. Irrespective of the table you use the cloth tablecloths for, it surely reflects a style and a personality. A tastefully chosen tablecloth that compliments your home décor goes a long way in adding to the look and feel of a home.

Buffalo Check and French Stripe Tablecloths

cotton tablecloths

Cotton tablecloths are the most durable and easy to maintain tablecloths. Cotton being the most popularly used fabric is natural and safe. Patterns on tablecloth make them look a lot more interesting and attractive. Buffalo plaid, country stripe, or French stripe cotton tablecloths add a lot of fun and warmth to homes. Checkered ,striped, hemstitched Cloth tablecloths have forever been in fashion and can be used on a daily basis.

Try a gray buffalo check tablecloth for instance. The soft and subtle cotton gray plaid tablecloth will make your home look contemporary, smart, and chic. Our standard size rectangle tablecloth and circular tablecloth comfortably covers the surface of the table and protects it from spills, stains, heat, and watermark. For a farmhouse table look try the grey farmhouse tablecloth which will look good on the outdoor table as well.

Other buffalo plaid tablecloths like the black buffalo check tablecloth, or the blue buffalo plaid tablecloth, the pink buffalo check tablecloth, all these cotton checkered rectangle tablecloths will look festive on special occasions and warm and elegant too when used every day. The bright and colorful buffalo plaid and French stripe tablecloths, hemstitch rectangular linen tablecloth are ideal to be used as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, holiday season, wedding, birthday, anniversary, shower, and cocktail party tablecloths.

Decorate your dining table with the striped and buffalo plaid tablecloths. A good reusable gingham tablecloth can add a lot to your home décor. When paired with matching or contrasting color napkins, or placemats, or cotton table runners, the dining table looks decorative, elegant, and attractive. A good dining tablecloth is a perfect recipe for a great tablescape.  

Rectangle, Round and Square Cotton Tablecloths

round tablecloth

Besides the rectangle tablecloths, the round and the square buffalo check tablecloths too are an attractive tablecloth option. Decorate your coffee table or garden table with the round plaid tablecloth. Soft and absorbent while the round tablecloths measure 60 inches, the rectangle tablecloth measures 63X109" and 63X126", and the square tablecloth measures 52x52”. All the tablecloths are large enough to comfortably spread out on a table through its length and breadth.

The round linen tablecloth completely change the look of your dining table with the bright and subtle colors. The classic black and white buffalo check round tablecloth is a popular one which is used on all the different kinds of tables besides the dining table. Weaved with natural cotton and natural colors the linen table cloth are absolutely safe for you and the environment.

Tablecloths for Indoor, Outdoor Tables and Picnics


Cotton tablecloths being best for regular use can be taken beyond indoor and outdoor tables. Use the farmhouse tablecloth as picnic tablecloths or spread the large size Outdoor table cloth for a fun picnic. Besides being safe and attractive, you can enjoy a good time as the checkered holiday tablecloths is comfortable to sit on and absorbs the spills.


Little Effort to Maintain Cotton Tablecloths

washable tablecloths

Taking care of check tablecloth is easy and if maintained properly they not just look good but feel good too. Be alert of the stains, and if you are unable to wash the linen tablecloth immediately, at least wash the area with the stain immediately. Try and avoid leaving the stains on for a longer period. In case the stains have remained for a long time, soak them for a while before washing them in the washing machine. Washing them at a normal temperature water in a gentle cycle and tumble drying them keeps the cloth tablecloth in proper condition. Hemstitched at the corners the Rectangle tablecloth, buffalo plaid and striped cotton rectangle and round tablecloths last long and are designed and stitched to be used on a regular basis.

Whether you choose a gingham tablecloth or a French stripe tablecloth, a round checkered tablecloth or a Navy Blue tablecloth, the look of your home will definitely be completer and more cohesive. The beautiful thing about the checkered and the striped tablecloths is that you can choose the pattern and the shades that best suits your décor. And the look of your home gets accentuated with the help of the decorative, cotton tablecloths.

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