What Makes Linen So Exceptional?

What Makes Linen So Exceptional?

On the Road with Organic Linen :

Throughout her years of dedication, Eileen has nurtured a profound bond with linen suppliers in Europe. Her recent expedition through the heartland of linen unravels the complete lifecycle of production - from pristine organic fields to conscientious manufacturing - narrating the captivating tale of our organic linen and its remarkable journey before it finds its way back home.

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The Journey Begins with Terre de Lin :

Terre de Lin, with its vast cooperative comprising 650 dedicated farmers working across 15,000 hectares of flax, reveals intriguing statistics that shed light on the exceptional nature of linen. Surprisingly, the production of organic flax within Terre de Lin accounts for less than 1% of their overall output. Furthermore, Europe stands as the dominant producer of flax globally, responsible for 80% of the world's production, with a remarkable 80% of that figure originating from France. Within France, Normandy takes the lead, contributing to 50% of the country's flax production. These statistics highlight the significance and prominence of linen as a remarkable fabric with deep roots in the European soil.

The Next Destination: BeStitch in Guimaraes, Portugal

Continuing the Journey: BeStitch in Guimaraes, Portugal

Advancing to the next stage of its transformation, our premium organic linen finds its way to BeStitch in the captivating city of Guimaraes, Portugal. Here, the skilled artisans at BeStitch meticulously weave, cut, and sew the fabric, bringing their expertise and artistry to renowned linen collection. Distinguished by its exceptional weight of 185 gsm (grams per square meter), our linen sets a new standard for quality and durability, ensuring it stands the test of time and wear.

Furthermore, the heavier weight of our linen is specifically designed to withstand our signature garment washing process. While we refer to it as a garment wash, it is more akin to a sheet wash, reminiscent of how your favorite jeans are treated in a commercial washer and dryer. This unique approach brings us closer to the nostalgic feel of vintage linens, evoking the same allure that initially captivated us and sparked our love for linen.

From Farm to Forever Home :

    Our linen collection is truly exceptional, embodying the essence of organic luxury, durability, and unparalleled comfort. Linen stands apart with its remarkable ability to regulate temperature, surpassing even wool by keeping you five times warmer and outperforming silk by nineteen times. Its innate insulation properties ensure that warm sleepers stay cool on humid nights, as linen effortlessly adapts to changes in body heat. Regardless of the climate, linen maintains a constant state of comfort.

Notably, our linen is GOTS-certified organic, making it exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin. Those with allergies or skin conditions will immediately experience the benefits of bedding crafted with care. Enjoy a restful slumber knowing that your bedding is not only supremely comfortable but also carries a traceable journey. Sleep better, enveloped in sublime comfort and the assurance of the origins of your bedding.

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