All cotton and linen - White linen napkins
Neatly stacked white linen napkins on a marble countertop
Set of four white linen napkins displayed on marble
Folded white linen napkin on a marble tabletop
Multiple white dinner napkins stacked on a marble countertop
Single white cotton napkin laid out on a marble surface
White linen napkin resting on a marble surface with soft lighting
Dark Linen Napkins: Create a sophisticated and moody ambiance with our Dark Linen Napkins, perfect for adding depth and drama to your table setting.
Group of four elegant white linen napkins on a marble background
Stone Washed Antique Gold Linen Napkin: Embrace vintage charm with our Stone Washed Antique Gold Linen Napkin, adding a touch of sophistication to your table.
Linen Napkin Antique: Discover timeless elegance with our Antique Linen Napkin, a classic choice for a refined and vintage-inspired dining experience.
Stone Washed Cinnamon Linen Napkin: Elevate your table setting with the warm tones of our Stone Washed Cinnamon Linen Napkin, combining style and comfort.
Linen Napkin Cinnamon Terra Fringe: Add a rustic touch to your table with our Linen Napkin featuring a Cinnamon Terra Fringe, perfect for a bohemian-inspired dining decor.
Linen Napkin Mocha Terra Fringe: Enjoy the earthy charm of our Mocha Terra Fringe Linen Napkin, bringing a natural and cozy vibe to your dining experience.
Stone Washed Mocha Linen Napkin: Experience the rustic appeal of our Stone Washed Mocha Linen Napkin, offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
Linen Napkin Olive Green Terra Fringe: Infuse a hint of nature into your table setting with our Olive Green Terra Fringe Linen Napkin, blending elegance with organic elements.
Collection of white linen napkins arranged on a pristine white backdrop
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Elegant white linen napkin placed under a dining plate and beside a wine glass
White linen napkins arranged on a dining table with dinnerware
Stack of white linen napkins presented on a white tabletop

White Linen Napkins

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Product Details

Wedding linen napkins:

  • Made from high-quality linen, these linen hemstitch napkins are durable, soft, absorbent, and easily machine-washable. They are available in a Set of four sizes: 18 X 18 inches.
  • Dinner napkins can be used as embroidered 100% Linen napkins, dinner napkins, kitchen napkins, holiday napkins, restaurant napkins, wedding napkins, cocktail napkins, and party napkins.

  • Complete your wedding decor with our white linen napkins, or opt for a custom design for a personal touch. Pair our linen placemats, table runners, and napkins for a cohesive look, adding texture and sophistication to your table.
  • White linen napkins are soft, absorbent cotton white napkins that are machine washable.
  • Pair the white napkin cloth with an embroidered table runner. Check table linen collection designed in buffalo plaid, French stripes, and country stripes.

    Dimensions & Easy Care


    • 18X18 inches

    Care and Maintenance

    • Machine wash at normal temperature
    • Tumble dry on a gentle cycle
    • Warm iron as needed
    • Imported.
    Shipping & Return


    • Standard USPS free shipping.
    • Order processing time: 1 to 2 days. Orders will be delivered within 6-8 days.

    Return & Refund

    • Merchandise must not be worn, washed, or altered.
    • Returns are accepted within 60 days of delivery.
    • For any questions contact
    • Refunds will be processed within 1-2 business days.

    Needs for White Linen Napkins

    • White linen napkins exude an aura of pure elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any table setting.
    • The pristine white color of linen napkins symbolizes purity and simplicity, creating a timeless and beautiful aesthetic.
    • White dinner napkins offer a crisp and clean appearance, creating a sense of freshness and refinement at the dining table.
    • White cloth napkins seamlessly complement any table decor, whether it's a casual gathering or a formal event, making them a versatile choice for all occasions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The plain design features a clean, minimalist aesthetic, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any table setting. On the other hand, the hemstitch design includes delicate stitching along the edges, adding subtle embellishment and elegance to the linen napkins.

    Yes, our white linen napkins are versatile and can effortlessly transition between casual and formal dining settings. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or a grand celebration, these dinner napkins add an air of elegance to any occasion.

    To maintain the pristine appearance and softness of your white linen napkins, we recommend washing them in cold water with a gentle detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they may damage the fabric. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry for best results, and iron while slightly damp for a crisp finish.

    While our white linen napkins are currently offered in plain and hemstitch designs, we do not offer customization options such as monograms or embroidery at this time. However, we are constantly exploring new possibilities to enhance our product offerings, so stay tuned for updates.

    Currently, our linen napkins are available in classic white, which complements a wide range of tableware and decor styles. As we continue to expand our product line, we may introduce additional color options to suit diverse preferences.

    Customer Reviews

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    David C

    Well made linen napkins and I recommend item.

    Sarah B
    fast fast shipping

    As advertised, fast delivery, thank you

    Kim Vidor
    We love our new cloth napkins!

    Nicely packed, as pictured and described... Thank you.

    Gorgeous napkins

    These are a gift and I like them very much. Just what I was looking for.

    Love the look and feel!

    These napkins are a great way to elevate your everyday dining routine.