How to take care of Bed Sheets

The times we are living in today have changed drastically. No one imagined or prepared themselves for the phase we are all going through. To remain healthy and in a positive state of mind we all need a clean surrounding to start with.

Did you know that a clean home helps not just in keeping you healthy, but it also keeps your mind happy and calm? As per the recent guidelines issued, every surface we touch frequently needs to be sanitized repeatedly. I am sure we are all following the instructions.

Organic bed sheet sets

But what about our bedding? How often are we thinking about keeping our sheets and pillowcases clean? We are carrying all the germs if any to our beds. Even worse if the bed is being shared by other family members. It can easily be transferred to them. The dirt from the body and hair also attracts bacteria to the sheets. It is a good habit to bathe before going to bed. It helps me keep the sheets cleaner.

I use organic cotton bedsheets and organic pillowcases as they are woven with natural elements and are devoid of any harmful chemicals. The fabric is soft and feels silky and buttery on the skin. Sometimes while working we tend to sit on the bed. Even the kids do not stay away from the sheets. So, at a time when we all are spending unusual hours at home it becomes more important to keep the sheets and pillowcases clean. It is easy to maintain the organic cotton sheets if taken care regularly. I change the sheets weekly as a practice. It helps me keep track and they get done as a part of the weekly laundry. In case there are any spots or stains, I wash them with hand before putting them in the washing machine. I ensure I wash the bedding separately and all the whites and the colors separately as well.

I avoid the dryer and use the clothesline for dying the sheets. It saves electricity and the sheets I feel have less wrinkles on them. Also washing them regularly ensures the machine is not loaded. I always keep enough room for the sheets to circulate so that they get cleaner.

Taking care of the bedding I feel is a holistic process which is not just about washing, but also about maintaining it daily. Making the bed every morning should be a ritual. It keeps the mind and the body both happy and calm. We often clean the room thinking our beds are clean. Yes, they do appear clean but try dusting it and you will be amazed to see the amount of dust particles that easily get attracted to sheets. And if the sheets are oily and sweaty with body fluids it gets worse.

If we are spending 8 hours working from home, we are spending the other 8 hours sleeping which is critical for our overall functioning. The sheets determine our days, our mood, and our state of physical and mental wellbeing. Store the sheets in one of the pillowcases so that you can keep them organized and they are easily available when you need them. Sleeping on a fresh set is a reason behind getting a good sleep but maintaining them regularly is equally important as you cannot have fresh sheets every day.

When I sleep well, I work well, I cook well, and my days come to a happy end.

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