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The Organic Cotton Pillowcases:

  • The Pillowcases come in a set of two measuring 20x30 and is available in natural color. The bright color brightens up your room and adds to the aura.
  • Artistically woven with 100 percent organic cotton and natural extracts, the design and stitch are crafted in a way that will allow the pillows to easily slip inside the cases and settle down well taking the shape of the cases.
  • Due to the fabric, the feel of the pillowcases is smooth and silky which you are going to love.
  • These too like the fitted sheets are machine washable at normal temperature water and you can iron them for best results at less than 30 degree Celsius.
  • They will surely last longer and once disposed, they will degenerate without causing any damage to the environment. 

Sleep Safe:

Your hair and skin come in direct contact with the pillowcases. Therefore, the fabric is extremely critical. Woven with 100 percent organic cotton and natural extracts, you can be sure to be breathing in safe while you sleep peacefully. 

Natural Look and Feel:

Made with 100% organic cotton the pillowcases have just the softness your skin needs to relax. Available in natural colors the pillowcases have a gentle fit.

Your Quality Companion:

Sleep carefree on a fabric which is absolutely free of chemicals and softeners. Each product is carefully crafted for quality assurance.