An Afternoon in the Midst of Chitter Chatter and More…

As an individual, my personality is such where I like being prepared for everything. Whether small things or big, being in control of the situation helps me keep my sanity. With regards to my household therefore, I keep my fridge stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables as and when the need arises.

I like to cook for my family and serve when friends and family are over. Sometimes I shop on weekends or else whenever I find the stock getting over, I make a quick trip to the stores.

I like carrying my fruits and vegetables in reusable cotton mesh bags which come with drawstrings. I wash them when they get a little dirty and the best part is that these bags are biodegradable. So I always use them feeling good about myself.

Last week, few close friends were coming home and I was quite excited about it. They love my cooking they say, so it was a given that they would stay over for lunch.

I have a few friends and my circle is really a closed one. I tend to feel a little lost in a bigger group. So these few are my comfort zone. For me, the presentation of the food is as important as the food itself.

Somewhere my tummy rumbles more when the food is laid out well. I like to take care of the way the table is laid out. For my table I go with the traditional buffalo checked tablecloths.

They always seem to be in style. I love the large boxes and the fact that they are 100 percent cotton. I have them in different colors and it covers my big rectangular table quite elegantly.

To go with it I use the buffalo check cloth napkins. Together, they make my table look traditional yet modern. These dinner napkins too are a 100 percent cotton.

My friends came over and we had a memorable afternoon in the midst of all the chatting, food, drinks and walking down memory lanes. Time really flies when we meet.

Navy Blue Buffalo Check TableclothSitting around with friends and enjoying the meal was an absolute treat. Sometimes smaller breaks from our daily lives like the one I had, really make life worthwhile. It reenergized all of us and we are already planning our next meet.

Something more to look forward to. I am planning to carry along and surprise them with their favorite dish, the next time we meet. That’s about the small and happy afternoon I spent last week. Here’s to more such meets and cheers to life!

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