Get the Smoothest Nut Milk with the Organic Muslin Produce Bag

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Consumers are moving towards more natural based source of nutrition. Something as basic as diary is a subject that is being reviewed in every American household. What is the sudden fuss about dairy? Is it a fad or there is enough reason to believe that dairy alternatives are a better option? As per the statistics, one in five Americans consume less dairy and they attribute it to health reasons. (Source:

The molecules present in diary interferes with the enzymes generated by our digestive system which prevents the complete protein degradation in our food. The undigested proteins are harmful to the human body which results in intestinal issues. More common problems like gas, bloating and diarrhea are also associated with the consumption of dairy. Experts estimate that about 68 percent of the world's population has lactose malabsorption.

So, there are enough factors behind the growing popularity of alternative dairy which is nut milk. A reassuring option to the ill effects of dairy, nut milk is the most acceptable form of nutrition. Options like almond milk carries 50% fewer calories than the regular cow milk. Nut milk is a good source of fat and keeps the heart condition in check.

Since people are so aware and concerned, why go for the nut milks available in stores? You can’t be sure of the preservatives or the sweeteners that might have gone into the otherwise healthy drink. While going for the store option sounds more convenient, it might not be in the best interest. A little bit of time and effort and one can master the art of making one’s own nut milk.

Nuts being high in macronutrients can be in the form of almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts to mention a few. You can choose the best option available to your taste and need. Let’s say we choose almonds. Here’s how you can get the best quality Nut Milk in the hygienic surroundings of your kitchen. Soak the almonds overnight or for 8 to 12 hours.

I prefer doing it overnight as it helps me start the day on the healthiest possible note. Thoroughly rinse them and empty them in a blender along with water. Adding a sweetener is up to you. (The store ones would usually come with sweeteners). A smooth blend would take up to two minutes.

And now the part which usually make people opt for the store nut milk. It’s the straining of the pulp from the blend. A very good option is the organic cotton muslin produce bags which are used for a variety of household purposes. They are reusable and washable and will help you strain the nut milk with ease. The milk you get will be smother and creamier than any other bag. Made with 100% organic cotton, these bags are handmade which will ensure the nut milk is free from any harmful chemicals in its final stage of production.

You can strain the pulp without having to worry about the cotton muslin bag’s durability and sturdiness. These reusable bags are tear-resistant and lightweight which makes the entire process hassle free. Machine wash them and they can be either kept aside for this purpose or other household purposes. You can choose the size you need or own the set which comes in large, medium, small and x-small sizes.

If you have opted for a healthy drink like nut milk which is loaded with natural and chemical free ingredients, the eco-friendly organic cotton muslin produce bag is your answer to go about getting the freshest and the smoothest  health drink to kickstart your days.

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