Why Organic Cotton Bedding Is Considered the Best Option?

Not getting proper sleep at night is often the source of irritability, inefficiency, and many other lifestyle diseases. Besides all other factors, the first thing that should be taken care of is the bedding for proper sleep.
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cotton bedding


cotton bedding

Organic Bedding is Natural Bedding

Organic cotton bedding is the best option to go with when it comes to bedding. Free from all kinds of chemicals the bedding is weaved with the most natural form of fabric – organic cotton. ACL bedding is sateen weave where the structure of the cotton threads used are tightly woven together to give it a softer, shinier and a smoother look and feel. The organic cotton fibers are made into longer strands, making them more durable. Because of the weave, the sheets are comparatively thicker than non-sateen weave sheets. They are breathable and can be used through the year.

Organic Bedding Is Breathable and Ideal for All Seasons

The best thing about organic cotton bedding is that they keep your body temperature balanced and regulate it so you neither feel too cold or too hot. The breathable fabric of the bedding absorbs the heat from your body and keeps you cool in summer and keeps you warm in winter by retaining the body heat. This makes organic cotton bedding useful throughout the year. We have a thread count of 400 which gives the bedding the desired smoothness for quality sleep.

Bedding Basics

ACL bedding has all the components that are needed to set up a basic bed – organic cotton fitted sheets with deep 15” pockets and elastic throughout for a smooth and tidy looking bed, organic cotton flat sheets for an extra layer of warmth and softness, organic cotton throw blankets, organic cotton pillowcases, and crib sheets for the little ones. Upgrade your bed with each of these bedding essentials for a rejuvenating and refreshing sleep.

cotton bedding

Organic Bedding is Durable

The organic cotton seeds used to weave the organic bedding are left untreated and unmodified without the use of any chemicals. Even the weeds that grow in organic cotton farming, are removed by hand. The purity of the cotton is retained as they are handpicked without the use of any machine. This helps in preserving the purity of the fiber as they are not damaged or broken while being picked up by the machine. This is the reason behind the durability of organic cotton bedding.

Maintaining Organic Bedding is Easy

The reusable cotton bedding is easy to maintain. Just follow a regular laundry schedule. Machine wash the cotton bedding at normal temperature and if you wish to be a little more environmentally conscious, let it dry on a clothesline instead of the drier. To retain the look and feel iron at less than 30 degree Celsius. The whites will never disappoint you. It will brighten up your room and blend in with the colors of the wall and furniture.  


White and Natural Color Bedding Works Best for Bedrooms

The natural and white color bedding will enhance the overall calming quotient of your bedroom. The natural and white color blends well with all existing color schemes. White is soothing, elegant, and classy. It brightens up a dark room. If your bedroom is small, the white and natural color bedding will make it look bigger, and less cluttered. Most importantly, white bedding improves the quality of sleep as it is soothing.

cotton bedding

Safe for You and the Environment

The everyday choices we make have a lasting impact on our lives and on our environment. Organic cotton bedding will ensure you are safe from all kinds of skin reactions and allergies as they come in direct contact with your skin and hair. We breathe into the fabric as we sleep through the night. Once you wish to dispose off the cotton sheets, pillowcases, throw blankets, or the fitted sheets they will disintegrate and cause no damage to the environment.

Organic cotton bedding is the most sustainable, economic, and healthy option that is not a luxury but a necessity for you and your loved ones. Eat healthy, stay healthy, and most importantly sleep healthy with organic cotton bedding.

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