Prettiest Tablecloths for All Occasions

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Growing up I remember the most important and in-depth conversations used to happen around the table while having meals. Sitting around the table at least for one meal was a ritual.

Times have changed and lives have got busier. But thankfully the good old tablecloth still is an essential part of most households.

Thanks to the classy designs and the evergreen cotton fabric that cloth tablecloths continue to enhance the look of our homes.

The fast lives have made it even more necessary that we keep the tables covered and protect them for the frequent spills and scratches.

So many times, we end up leaving important papers, wallets, phones or car keys on the tables.

Thanks to the functionality of the linen tablecloth that the surface remains unharmed. Besides the functional aspect of the tablecloths, they have a huge role to play in adding to the warmth of the homes.

The huge range of tablecloths available these days, which gives all of us a chance to pick the one that goes with the décor. It makes it almost impossible not to want to have one of each kind and pattern.

One of my all-time favorites have been the traditional buffalo checked tablecloths. The charm of the pattern is such that it will never go out of style.


Red and pink check and pink tableclothOriginated in the year 1850, the fascination for the checks continues to rule hearts across. It appeals to both the young and the old alike. Though typically the colors have been red and white checks, red and black checks, black and white checks, designers and brands have experimented with blue checkered and pink checkered buffalo plaid tablecloths, plain navy blue tablecloth, red tablecloth. These fresh colors have been quite in demand.


pink checkered tableclothThese checkered rectangle tablecloths are used not just for the dining tables but are often picked up for the outdoor tables placed in the gardens or balconies. Come holiday seasons and out with the red tablecloth, Navy Blue Tablecloth and black buffalo plaid tablecloths adding to the fun and cheer. Celebrations almost seem incomplete without these buffalo plaid Christmas tablecloths.


The other pattern which is quite commonly used are the stripes, Rectangle tablecloth on a white base. The stripes are usually in red and blue colors and they look outstanding on a white base.

These I prefer using for occasional purposes like parties, birthdays, family and friends get togethers. Despite being white, I use these Farmhouse tablecloth for primarily two reasons – First, white has an elegance and charm which no color conveys and second though my friends keep telling me about them getting dirty easily.

I am not really worried about it as these white linen tableclothsare machine washable. And once ironed they sport the same classy look to my table.


grey french stripe tablecloth

If white worries you but you adore stripes, you can try the ones which come in slightly darker shades like navy and cream, red and black, green, gray and black, beige and chocolate. I ensure the home essentials are 100% cotton keeping in mind the growing environmental concerns. The good thing about the colors used is that they are made with natural extracts. The cotton Stripe tablecloths are rectangular Tablecloth in shape and they cover the entire stretch of the dining table comfortably. Usually, they are available in the standard sizes and it is not difficult to look for one.

Hope you find the linen tablecloth of your choice soon and if you already have it, may you find another one to add to your cotton rectangular tablecloth collection. Happy dining!

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