Mornings and Meals with Dish Towels

Mornings are both the most productive and rushed hours for me and many I am certain.

Before leaving for the day, most of the chores are taken care of. And these revolve in and around the kitchen.

Most time consuming one being the cooking. My family members carry their lunch boxes with home cooked meals.

So, I end up spending quite sometime in the kitchen – planning, chopping, cooking and cleaning.

I have realized carrying home cooked food helps us save money, eat healthy and save valuable hours at work. Though I won’t deny that it gets a little tiring, but the joy of working in my kitchen and cooking meals is quite satisfying.

Having the right things in the right place is important to function effectively. I don’t have too many fancy gadgets to work with, just a few essential ones. There is one thing I am very dependent on and that is my linen dish towels.

The Kitchen towels are the handiest thing for me around the kitchen. It’s the smallest but the most helpful thing I need with me always.

blue french stripe dish towel


I am picky about the Kitchen dish towel I use in the kitchen. It needs to be only cotton as it helps in absorbing anything and everything. As I am mostly in a rush, I end up spilling.

The cotton dish towels help me clean the mess instantly. I usually keep more than one in my kitchen. When the pan is hot on the fire, I used to often forget to hold it with a cloth.

Now I keep a spare one which I used only to hold the hot pans. The tea towels being cotton, the chances of the pan slipping away is minimal when held. Initially I used to touch the spice rack or other containers while cooking which used to leave a stain on them.

Now I make it a point to wipe them all with the kitchen hand towel.

With a toddler in my house, I am extra careful about how clean my hands are. The linen kitchen dish cloth help me keep my hands clean as I touch the different bottles, pans and surfaces while cooking.

To finish it off, I ensure the kitchen slab and the gas top is wiped off clean with the help of the amazing and friendly cotton fall kitchen towels. Once I am back from work it feels nice to enter an organized and a clean kitchen.

Before serving dinner, I rinse the dinner plates and once again use the dried-up linen kitchen towels to wipe them before serving the meal. No matter how many latest gadgets land up in my kitchen, I can’t do without the handy dish or kitchen towels.

light pink dish towelThe best part about my dish cloth is that now that the cotton ones I have are made with 100% organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and hand crafted with the latest available tools.

The fabric makes them soft and durable. Initially I found them a tad expensive, but after using them, I am certain that they are a complete value for money. The linen tea towels I previously had used to shrink over a period. The organic ones I am currently using are pre-shrunk.

The way I use my dishcloth make them dirty quite often. But I am worry free as I wash them in the machine using cold water, on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low. I iron them at a low temperature, and they look their usual self.

If you too are into using hand towels, try the organic cotton ones and you will feel the difference. I love working around in my kitchen. I am happy I can balance my work and home and give both my best. There are days when I mess up both at work and home, but then there are days when I ace both.

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