How to Decorate a Coffee Table?

How to Decorate a Coffee Table?

Ever craved the polished designer look at your coffee table just like the scenes from elite movies? Don't worry, the solution is right in your hands. Follow our simple steps and creative ideas to attain a look of your dreams at your very own coffee table. 

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas:

Foremost, let's begin with the shape of the coffee table. Rectangle, square, oval, and round are the most common ones, it's a notion that round and square fit in a frame just like how rectangles and ovals do. Let's think out of the box and not stick to conventional shapes. Incorporating rustic irregular shapes with the appeal of wooden logs, a triangular table with rounded edges, or inverted cones would never fail to catch one's eye. Complementing these tables with perfect choices of unique rectangles, and oblong and linen tablecloth on general occasions and opting for the jacquard tablecloth during rich moments would be the right move for your game.


Start to tie out the room's aesthetics to the top of the coffee table, with analogous colors of pen stands and trays to throw pillows on the sofa around the table. Let the trays you keep be of contrasting shapes to the tables. Such contrasting shapes would accentuate the arena around the table with vibrant hues. Pitch in these trays on washable cotton placemats or seasonal Christmas and autumn runners.


Moving forward to the functionality of getting noticed, avoid keeping things on your coffee table at the same eye level. Let's keep them high and low, attracting attention. Arrange a small box of anytime confectioneries beside a tall yet sleek flower vase would be a great option and may this cute little box be held on a tray with adequate space to also lodge in a few glasses of cocktails on a summer evening or a hot cup of tea in a winter evening or to warm up yourself with a healthy cup of soup in a lazy evening. The choice is yours !!! However, don't forget to use cotton napkins for cocktail glasses, linen for special guests, or pretty white napkins during this season.


When in case of being lucky enough to have a glass-topped coffee table, don’t miss the opportunity to showcase multiple things. These glass-topped tables don't utilize much visual space like the other whole ones. Thinking about the colors, you have got two options in your hand, either stick to a single monotonous color scheme for your whole room giving a formal touch or elevate the complete space with contrasting colors of placemats and runners adding an undying fun-filled aura to the whole space.

Pick out statement pieces that can steal the spotlight without an introduction. An antique music showcase set, cute little handcrafted set of monks, chic trinkets, miniature sculptures, or moonlight lamps. If you're the one who sticks to trends, try putting a small idol version of the Adi yogi shiva that’s been in the news these days. It's for sure that you would depict organic modernism for your thoughtful choice through minimalistic organic placemats to elevate these pieces.

Adding seasonal changes would never move out of line. Keep changing the components in the vase adding a personal yet eclectic touch just like the tulips during spring, roses during valentine, daisies during summer, or the autumn orchids. Don't forget to add a few leaves with this flora, thus showing how much you care. In the winter, incorporate candle sticks, besides being shiny they may come in handy any time.

Utilizing the underside of the coffee table can take you in as a part of the stylish storage scheme. Nestle out fabric baskets of different shapes, fill them up with your emergency essentials, and put them under the table. By not just saving space, they may come as a lifesaver anytime. Placing napkins folded in a fancy manner over the trays may be an additional touch of purpose. While linen napkins showcase luxury cotton exhibits simplicity in living. While moving across, many dining napkins can capture our hearts in one go. You can decide upon them and keep changing seasonally. In addition, try out beautiful embroidery table runners too.