Cotton Waffle Throw Blankets

Cotton Waffle Throw Blankets


We all love when are homes are warm and cozy. What better way than a Waffle Throw Blanket. The tiny sunken squares all over the blanket makes it look heavy but it’s light and breathable.

However, picking up anything that adds to the home décor might not be a very responsible action without being aware of the fabric and its ramifications. Keeping the growing environmental concerns, with regards to the individual health and protection of the diversified ecosystem,

We at All Cotton and Linen have designed the Cotton Waffle Throw Blankets with 100 percent organic cotton threads.


This warm and loving product is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and covers an area of 90x108 inches. Sporting diamond pattern, this is a broad spread which adds elegance to your décor.

Woven with all-natural cotton, the waffle throw blanket is designed through a simplified manufacturing process without any chemicals or fire retardants. It is crafted to ensure the product is durable and reusable and reliable.

The package contains a single piece and it comes in a reusable cotton produce bag. Start by unwrapping the spread over a place you wish to use it on.

Then stretch the ends and make them fit around the corners for a warm and welcoming look. Available in two colors – natural and white, both will add a special touch to your home. 

Warm and Elegant:

Liven up a dull corner with a throw. It will add warmth and elegance to your home.

Light and Breathable:

Relax with the broad spread of tiny sunken square. It is made of 100% organic cotton, no chemicals, no dyes.

It Shrinks and That Makes it Real:

Only the 100% organic cotton blankets will spot little honeycombs across the fabric and shrink after washing. That is the hallmark of a real waffle weave. The appearance of honeycomb on the fabric provides the expanse needed for the water to evaporate from the fabric, helping it dry faster.


You could enhance the look of your sofa and drape around it or just throw over the bed for a cozy look. The waffle throw blankets look classy even when spread over any table, stool, window shield or play area.

The softness of the blanket adds to the overall smoothness of the look and feel of your home. You could even carry it along for a weekend trip. Spread it at a place where you could sit around and have long conversations comfortably while making memories.

The product is delicate but with basic care and maintenance, the product would stay with you for long. You can machine wash the blanket in normal temperature water, tumble dry and iron it at less than 30 degree Celsius.

Once you need to discard it you can do so without any environmental concerns as it is completely organic and reusable. It would disintegrate on its own in a slow and steady phase, without causing any harm to the environment.


  • Did you know toxic metals like cadmium and lead used in manufacturing plastic bags leach out and contaminate the food stuffs we carry in them. Because of the non-biodegradable and impervious nature of plastics, if disposed in the soil, they could arrest the recharging of ground water aquifers.
  • The single use plastics are a huge threat to the environment. Each time it is discarded after use it keeps accumulating and continues to choke the earth. According to a report, by 2050 plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total carbon budget.
  • Using eco-friendly products is not a fad. It’s a way of life which sooner or later will be adopted by all. There will be no option but to imbibe these miraculous products into our daily lives to restore the environmental balance.
  • Being recyclable and chemical free these organic products will help us to improve the quality of the land, prevent water contamination, and conserve biodiversity.