Cotton Tea Towels - Kitchen Dish Cloths
Cotton Tea Towels - Kitchen Dish Cloths
Elevate your kitchen decor with the classic charm of Striped Towels.
Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with our soft and absorbent Hand Towels.
Dry with style using our versatile Dish Towel collection for a tidy kitchen.
Make drying dishes a joy with our functional and stylish Tea Towels.
Experience the softness and durability of Cotton Tea Towels in your kitchen.
Keep your kitchen spotless with our absorbent and durable Kitchen Towels.
Combine style and functionality with our chic Striped Cotton Tea Towels.
Pamper yourself with the plush comfort of our Cotton Hand Towels.
Tackle any kitchen task with the versatility of Flour Sack Towels.
Keep your kitchen tidy with our versatile Dish Towel collection.Keep your kitchen tidy with our versatile Dish Towel collection.
Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with our soft Hand Towels.
Make drying dishes a joy with our functional and stylish Tea Towels.
Experience the softness and durability of Cotton Tea Towels.
Enhance your kitchen with the practicality of our absorbent Kitchen Towels.
Striped Kitchen Towels: Add a classic touch to your kitchen with stylish striped dish towels
Dish Towels: Super absorbent dish towels for drying dishes and keeping your kitchen clean.
Kitchen Tea Towels: The perfect tea towels for drying dishes, hands, and keeping spills at bay
Elevate your linens with the classic charm of Striped Towels.Kitchen Hand Towels: Soft and absorbent hand towels, ideal for drying hands in the kitchen
Kitchen Towel Set: Elevate your kitchen with a beautiful set of coordinating dish and hand towels.
Cotton Kitchen Towels: Highly absorbent cotton kitchen towels for all your drying needs
Hand Towels for Kitchen: Keep hands clean and dry with these convenient kitchen hand towels.  pen_spark
Dry Dishes in Style: Striped kitchen towels add a touch of flair while drying dishes.  pen_spark

Cotton Tea Towels - Kitchen Dish Cloths

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Striped Kitchen Tea Towels :

  • Striped Tea Dish Towels come in a variety of sizes: 20 X 28" inches, set of 6, and colors, allowing you to mix and match to create your own unique look in the kitchen.
  • Flour sack towels are a great gift for anyone who loves to cook or entertain, as farmhouse dish towels are both functional and decorative.

  • Our striped cotton tea towels are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Soft and absorbent, they help make clean-up a breeze. Upgrade your kitchen with our best kitchen towels today!
  • Cotton hand towels for the kitchen are perfect for drying dishes, cleaning spills, and wiping down surfaces in your kitchen, thanks to their superior absorbency and quick-drying ability.

    Dimensions & Easy Care


    • 20 X 28"
    Available Colors 
    •   Red 
    •    Navy
    •    Beige

      Care Instructions

      • Machine washable
      • Tumble dry on a gentle cycle
      • Iron at low if needed
      • Wrinkle and color-fade-resistant
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      • Order processing time: 1 to 2 days 

      Return & Refund

      • Merchandise must not be worn, washed, or altered.
      • Returns are accepted within 60 days of delivery.
      • For any questions about returns:
      • Refunds will be processed within 1-2 business days

      needs for white kitchen towels

      • Upgrade your kitchen with 100% cotton white dish towels, featuring a stylish pattern-striped design.
      • Available in white/beige, white/blue, and white/red, these towels seamlessly integrate into your kitchen decor.
      • With a generous 20x28" size, they provide effective coverage for drying dishes and wiping surfaces.
      • The set also includes white dish cloths for a coordinated look.
      • Crafted for durability and easy maintenance, these towels add both style and functionality to your daily kitchen routine.
      • Embrace the timeless appeal of white kitchen towels for a practical and elegant culinary space.

      White Dish Towels

      Upgrade your kitchen with white dish towels. Stylish and functional, these 100% cotton essentials bring timeless elegance. Available in classic white/beige, white/blue, and white/red, they elevate your kitchen decor while providing efficient and absorbent performance.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 99 reviews
      Noah Henderson
      Durable and Stylish

      The red/white tablecloth is perfect with napkins white for a clean, classic look. Very happy with the purchase.

      Megan Russell
      Great for Dinner Parties

      The navy/white tablecloth complements my white lace napkin collection beautifully. Adds elegance to any dinner party.

      Liam Phillips
      Stylish and Elegant

      This tablecloth is perfect with my black and white napkin set. The beige/white stripes are very stylish.

      Katie Morgan
      Excellent Value

      The red/white striped tablecloth looks amazing with my white dinner napkin set. Great quality.

      Harrison Morris
      High Quality

      This tablecloth looks great with my gold line napkin set. The red/white stripes are perfect for any occasion.


      Microfiber or cotton cloths are often considered the best for washing dishes due to their absorbency and effectiveness in removing grease and food particles.

      Swedish dishcloths are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional sponges or cloths, made from a blend of cellulose and cotton. They are reusable, biodegradable, and highly absorbent, making them popular for kitchen cleaning tasks.

      A variety of cloths can be used to wash dishes, including microfiber, cotton, or Swedish dishcloths, depending on personal preference and cleaning needs.

      A dishcloth may not be the best practice in a kitchen if it is not properly cleaned and sanitized between uses, as it can harbor bacteria and spread contaminants to surfaces and utensils.

      It's recommended to change your kitchen cloth frequently, ideally every few days or when it becomes visibly soiled or starts to develop an odor. Regular washing with hot water and detergent can help maintain cleanliness and hygiene.