10 Clever Ideas to Upcycle Old Tablecloths

10 Clever Ideas to Upcycle Old Tablecloths

At All Cotton and Linen, we believe in the power of creativity and sustainability. Why let old tablecloths gather dust in the back of your linen closet when you can transform them into something beautiful and functional? In this article, we'll explore ten innovative ways to upcycle old tablecloths, saving you money and reducing waste in the process.

Elegant Handkerchiefs from Tablecloths

Our vintage tablecloths can easily be transformed into classy handkerchiefs. If your tablecloth is stain-free, you can turn the entire piece into a set of matching handkerchiefs. However, if there are some worn areas, adjust your pattern accordingly to avoid those spots. Creating your pattern is straightforward since handkerchiefs are essentially squares, making it beginner-friendly.

Stylish Market Bags

Using reusable produce bags instead of single-use grocery bags can save money and reduce waste. You'll need materials that are three times longer than it is wide – sounds like a cloth tablecloth, doesn't it? Market bags can be lined or unlined. If you have two tablecloths, you can create reversible complementary linings. 

Fashionable Circle Skirts

Vintage prints and delightful fabrics often grace tablecloths, making them perfect for creating wardrobe staples like circle skirts. Traditional circle skirts require a significant amount of fabric, and a generously sized linen tablecloth, especially a round one, is ideal. Calculating measurements is worth it. 

Festive Holiday Napkins

Do you have more holiday tablecloths than you know what to do with? Repurpose them into festive holiday napkins. Standard cloth napkins typically range from 16x16 to 24x24 inches, making it easy to create custom patterns using cardboard or tissue paper. Finish the edges neatly, and you'll have charming napkins that preserve cherished family memories. 

Create Stylish Aprons

If you love cooking or baking, why not transform your old outdoor tablecloths into stylish aprons? Cut out the desired shape and size, add pockets for utensils, and attach straps or ties for a comfortable fit. You can even personalize your apron by adding embroidery, patches, or fabric paint. Not only will you have a practical accessory for your culinary adventures, but you'll also be adding vintage charm to your kitchen.

Make Quirky Pillow Covers

Give your living room or bedroom a fresh look by using old rectangle tablecloths to make quirky pillow covers. Cut out the desired size, sew the edges together, and add a zipper or buttons for easy removal. Combining various patterns and colors can assist you in creating a distinctive and diverse atmosphere. These pillow covers serve the dual purpose of bringing a splash of color to your surroundings and acting as a great conversation starter when you host guests.

Sew Fashionable Headbands

If you're looking for a trendy and stylish accessory, why not sew fashionable headbands from old party tablecloths? Cut out long strips of fabric, sew the edges together, and attach elastic or a fabric-covered band for a comfortable fit. You can experiment with different widths, patterns, and colors to match your outfits or create a statement piece. These homemade headbands are a great way to add a touch of boho-chic to your hairstyle.

Fabric Gift Wrap

Instead of using traditional wrapping paper, use your old luxury tablecloths to wrap gifts. Cut the wrapping cloth into large squares or rectangles, wrap the gift, and secure it with ribbon or fabric scraps. This eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper is not only unique but also reusable. 

Fabric Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop in style by making a fabric laptop sleeve from your old fabric tablecloths. Measure the dimensions of your laptop and cut out two pieces of fabric accordingly. To complete the task, you need to stitch the pieces together, but make sure to leave an opening for the laptop to slide in easily. Add a closure such as a button or Velcro to secure the laptop inside the sleeve. It adds a personal touch to your laptop protection and repurposes your old tablecloth. 


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