Cotton Napkins

Easy Way to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Dining

Host friends and family in style and make your everyday beautiful with cotton napkins. Elevate your dining experience and create a warm and inviting look with the buffalo check cloth napkins.
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Why Are the Buffalo Check Cloth Napkins an Easy Way to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Dining?

We are all aware of the importance of bringing reusable everyday essentials into our lives, but we often fail to implement the same in our daily life. But once you invite cotton into your homes, you will simply fall in love with the comfort and the aesthetics it brings with it.

Why Cotton? 

Cotton napkins are the best for everyday use and for formal occasions. The fabric makes the cloth napkins easy to use, store, and handle daily. Cotton napkins are hassle free and looks good on all occasions as opposed to polyester, silk, or other fabric.

plaid napkins

Our Cotton Napkins are Soft and Absorbent

No matter which print, design, or pattern you use, a cotton napkins has a prerequisite – it must be soft and absorbent. The Linen napkins weaved with cotton fabric besides looking good has both these qualities which make them popular in all homes. The soft and absorbent cloth napkins ensure your mealtimes are mess free by absorbing spills and leaving the surface dry and clean.


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The Forever to Stay in Style Pattern - Buffalo Checks

Some patterns never go out of style. The buffalo check is 165 years old and continues to rule the hearts of young and old alike. We too are in love with the checks and have designed the cloth napkins in buffalo check pattern. Once you own this set of checked linen napkins, you can use them for a lifetime as they will always be in fashion. You can pair it with the buffalo check tablecloth or go for a completely different pattern in stripes.


White Napkins

Upgrade and Style Your Home with Reusable Cotton Napkins

The dinner napkins designed in the stylish buffalo plaids has a classic look and is ideal for modern homes. Comfort is as important as style. The best thing about buffalo plaid napkins is that they strike a perfect balance between style and comfort. The bright-colored checked napkins are versatile and can be used for a range of tasks. You can use them as kitchen napkins and as dinner napkins to keep the mess away and to enhance the aesthetics of your home.


Napkin sets

Set of 6 Cotton Dinner Napkins

The buffalo plaid dinner napkins come in a set of 6 and will complete your dining table setting. It is always good to have a good set of cloth plaid napkins. From cleaning to wiping to being used as dinner napkins, the buffalo check napkins can be carried around in your handbag as well. Whether you are planning to go for a picnic or a weekend trip the plaid cotton napkins is a must. 


Add a Dash of Color with the Farmhouse Napkins

The plaid cloth napkins are designed in bright and subtle colors and are an ideal option to be used as holiday linen dinner napkins. At our home we love using the White napkins as wedding napkins and on other special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year, holiday season, get togethers, cocktail parties, anniversary, birthdays, bridal shower, baby shower, BBQs, weekend parties, and lunch and dinner parties.

Cotton napkins

The best cloth napkins have color combinations that stand out, looks bright, is easy on the eyes, and is vibrant. If you want an easy way to give your dining table or kitchen table a beautiful look without too much effort, then simply go for the wedding napkins.

Sometimes you don’t really need a big makeover to give your home a bright and refreshed look. Picking up things that have style, comfort, and character can go a long way in giving your home a warm and stylish look.


Get the Right Size of the Cloth Plaid Napkin

Striped napkins

Make sure you have the right size of a reusable napkin. A size which is too big is difficult to handle and a very small size cannot be used for different tasks. A perfect square measuring 18x18” makes it perfect. You can fold it the way you like it to give your table the look you desire. It is large enough to be used as dinner table napkins, kitchen work, tiffin box napkins for school and offices. The size of the fall plaid napkins makes it easy to be handled and used. 

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Easy Care

The reusable and durable white cloth napkins which is best suitable as Cloth dinner napkins need minimum care. The skillful craftsmanship and strong stitches of the plaid napkins provide longevity. You can machine wash them in normal temperature water. Tumble dry them. For the perfect look you can even iron them at a low temperature. You can dry the cloth napkins on a clothesline as well without putting them directly under the sun. Also don’t leave the cotton napkins in the washing machine once washed for too long to avoid creases.

Host friends and family in style and make your everyday beautiful with cotton dinner napkins. Elevate your dining experience and create a warm and inviting look with the buffalo check cloth napkins. The cotton napkins will make your home simple and functional. The smart and beautiful buffalo checks will liven up you home décor. Pick the color you love and use it for both formal and casual occasions.

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