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5 Ways to Include Sola Wood Flowers in your Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. You’ll want to make sure that your wedding decor and aesthetic are cohesive and beautiful, no matter what your individual style may be. One of the big decisions that you’ll need to make will be the design of your tablescapes and decor for your dinner and reception.

Wedding Decoration Ideas:-

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. You’ll want to make sure that your wedding decor and aesthetic are cohesive and beautiful, no matter what your individual style may be. One of the big decisions that you’ll need to make will be the design of your tablescape and decor for your dinner and reception. You can easily elevate your wedding decor by using gorgeous wood flowers and professional-looking linens, helping you to create a tablescape that is definitely Instagram-worthy. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate Sola Wood Flowers and All Cotton and Linen table linens and cloth napkins into your wedding arrangements and decor. 


Why Sola Wood Flowers?

Choosing Sola Wood Flowers is a great choice for your wedding flowers for many reasons. These wooden flowers are created from sola wood, which makes them flexible, long-lasting, and damage-resistant. As a result, they’re incredibly easy to use in crafts. You can dye your Sola Wood Flowers to match your wedding color scheme, even if it is incredibly unique, which is a lot easier than trying to find fresh flowers that match. They’re also a lot more affordable than fresh flowers, which is helpful if you’re trying to stick to a strict budget for your wedding flowers and decor. Once your wedding is over, you can also repurpose and reuse your flowers as pieces of home decor. Do you still need even more convincing? Here are five of our favorite floral decor ideas that are beautifully paired with All Cotton and Linen table linens. 

Wedding napkins

Top Five Wedding Decor Ideas

1. Floral Napkin Holders 

One fun and simple way to dress up your wedding tablescape is to create floral napkin holders using Sola Wood Flowers. You can find a base for your wedding napkin rings, such as unfinished wooden rings. Then you can attach flowers, greenery sprigs, and even a bit of ribbon according to your personal style. Remember, your napkin rings don’t have to be overly large. You can use some floral wire or tape to attach a small flower or two and hot glue them to your napkin rings. Tie a bit of lace or ribbon around the ring and you’ll have a gorgeous finished product. These wood flower napkin rings will be perfectly paired with gorgeous linen napkins. 

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2. Floral Centerpieces for Small Tables

If you’re going to have smaller tables at your reception, such as square or circle table, you’ll want to create pretty floral centerpieces that will spruce them up. Using a vase with some floral foam in the base, insert your large wood flowers. Next, add medium-sized and small-sized wood flowers around the large ones. Finally, fill in the gaps with small greenery sprigs and floral filler. Additionally, you can add lanterns, wood slices, candles, ribbon streamers, and more to personalize your flower centerpiece. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your table bare after you’ve created such a masterpiece! Your gorgeous Sola Wood Flower wedding centerpieces will look great on top of some luxury tablecloths

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3. Floral Decor for Long Tables

If you’re going to have long tables at your reception, you might want to create a larger, longer floral arrangement instead of a vase centerpiece. For example, you could create a voluminous floral garland thick with vibrant wood flowers and faux greenery. This will help the entire length of your table to look elegant and decorated with napkins for wedding instead of forgotten.

You could also lay down a long table runner, such as one of All Cotton and Linen’s pretty embroidered table runners or linen tablecloths. Having a decorative table runner will give you a little more flexibility with your floral decor. Instead of creating a thick floral garland, you can display dainty sprigs of greenery and wood flowers in bud vases and intersperse them with other decor pieces, such as candles.

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4. Patterned Linens and Neutral Flowers

Many brides choose to use white or neutral linens for their tables at their weddings. However, patterned linens can also bring a bold sense of style to your wedding. For example, if you’re having a rustic wedding, you could pair your buffalo check cocktail napkin with neutral wood flowers in a wildflower style.

If you’re having more of an elegant wedding style, you can use one of All Cotton and Linen’s luxury tablecloths with pretty, thin stripes. With a more subdued pattern, you can have bolder wedding flower colors and arrangements.

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5. Placemats and Floral Place Settings

Don’t forget about your place settings! You’ve likely chosen pretty china plates to serve your wedding dinner on. You can elevate your place settings with some gorgeous linen placemats from All Cotton and Linen.


 Then, you can decorate the place setting with a small wreath of preserved greenery, a ring of wood flowers, or even a name card holder made with wood flowers.

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Choosing the right table linens for your luxury wedding can enhance the overall ambiance and create a memorable dining experience for your guests. By considering material, color, size, and style, you can create a cohesive and elegant table setting that reflects your taste and complements your wedding decor. Remember, paying attention to even the smallest details can significantly impact.

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