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Cotton Stripe Napkins


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blue striped napkinsbistro napkins
Striped Bistro Napkins - Navy
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Beige stripe Napkinscotton striped napkins
Farmhouse Striped Napkins - Beige
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red stripe napkinsred and white striped cloth napkins
Striped Cloth Napkins
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Striped Cloth Napkins

  • Cotton Stripe Napkins: This makes the country-style napkins completely safe for everyday use. Once you wish to discard the striped table napkins you can do so without any concerns as they are safe for the environment too.
  • Can Be Paired with Matching Tablecloth or Placemats: The beautiful and elegant bistro napkin can be paired with cotton tablecloths or cotton placemats that go well, for a complete tablescape.
  • Farmhouse Stripe Napkins: Stripes have been in fashion for ages. The blue and white striped napkins are timeless and look absolutely elegant in all kinds of home décor.
  • Kitchen Napkins Cotton: Using french striped table napkins is a more sustainable way of using table napkins. Even with a regular wash, the chambray cotton napkins retain their form and texture.
  • Durable Napkins for Tea Party Decorations: The blue and white striped napkins are hemstitched which makes them durable. They are designed with quality cotton threads which helps them withstand everyday wear and tear. 

Stripe Napkins

Something small but a very significant part of our daily lives is striped cloth napkins. Whether at the dining table or in our bags and pockets, life without napkins will be quite a task. Keeping the growing environmental concerns, with regards to the individual health and protection of the diversified ecosystem, we at All Cotton and Linen have designed attractive stripe cloth napkins. Some patterns never go out of style. And one such style is the striped linen napkins. The team at All Cotton and Linen is excited about each product they design and create. we were quite thrilled to work with the red stripe on the napkins. Being environmentally conscious and aware, we have crafted the striped cloth napkins with cotton.

Safe for Everyday Use and The Environment

The striped cotton napkins are crafted with natural cotton and the colors used to make the cotton bistro napkins bright and attractive are also natural. Some things are forever, the striped napkins cloth are bright, colorful, and most importantly useful cloth napkins that are a beautiful addition to your home. The bistro napkins cotton make a beautiful table spread so we have put together a set of 6 such cotton napkins for you. 

Red Napkins

Easy to Maintain Cotton Cloth Napkins:

Taking care of the red and white striped cloth napkins is quite easy. Each time they get a little grimy, just give them a nice machine wash at normal temperature water. Remember to wash the cotton cloth napkins at a gentle cycle and tumble dry them. Ironing them at a low temperature will make them look nice and clean. The cotton stripe napkins will be once again ready to delight you and your loved ones.

Farmhouse Napkins

beige cloth napkins

Woven with Cotton:

The striped napkin set can be used regularly without having to worry about the fabric. Woven with cotton, the cloth napkins are easy to use and maintain.

navy napkins

Soft Yet Vibrant Color:

The red and cream-colored Country Stripe Cloth Napkins look cool, smart, and elegant. The color will add both freshness and brightness to your dining table.

striped napkins

Safe for use:

The Country Stripe table napkins are crafted with absolutely natural elements. The colors used to brighten up the cloth napkins are also natural which make them safe for regular use.

Striped Napkins for a Perfect Table Setting

cotton napkinsare a must for a proper table setting. The striped kitchen napkins will give your table setting a modern, elegant, and sophisticated look. Hosting dinners, lunches, and parties will become so much easier with the striped napkins. Navy and White Striped Napkins for Special  Occasions The blue striped cloth napkinswill add a celebratory feel to your special days with their utility and look and feel. The striped napkins can be used for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday season, birthday, anniversary, party, tea party, and wedding napkins.