Linen Cloth Napkins - Homestead Striped Napkins
Quality linen napkins for elegant and special occasions.
Classic linen napkins perfect for wedding receptions and events.
Premium linen cloth napkins for sophisticated dining.
Premium linen cloth napkins for sophisticated dining.
Premium linen cloth napkins for sophisticated dining.
Premium linen cloth napkins for sophisticated dining.
Simple and stylish linen napkins for any occasion.
Buy linen napkins in bulk for cost-effective elegance.
Quality linen napkins ideal for weddings and celebrations.
Affordable linen wedding napkins for your budget.
Homestead striped linen napkins adding style to your table.
Bulk linen dinner napkins in various colors and sizes.
Linen Cloth Napkins - Homestead Striped Napkins
Luxurious linen table napkins for formal settings.
Linen Cloth Napkins - Homestead Striped Napkins
Stylish linen napkins adding elegance to weddings.
Bulk linen napkins for weddings and special events.
Premium linen cloth napkins for sophisticated dining.
High-quality linen wedding dinner napkins for receptions.
Linen napkins in various colors to match your theme.
Elegant homestead striped napkins for stylish dining.
Sophisticated linen napkins enhancing wedding decor.
Classic linen wedding napkins available in bulk.
Homestead striped linen table napkins for events.
Bulk linen napkins perfect for wedding receptions.
Elegant linen wedding napkins for a memorable day.
Affordable linen dinner napkins available in bulk.
Stylish linen cloth napkins complementing weddings.
Homestead striped linen napkins for elegant affairs.
Classic linen wedding dinner napkins for celebrations.
Premium linen napkins ideal for wedding settings.
Elegant linen cloth napkins available in bulk quantities.
Bulk linen napkins ensuring quality and affordability.
Homestead striped linen napkins perfect for receptions.
Elegant linen wedding dinner napkins for your special day.

Linen Cloth Napkins - Homestead Striped Napkins

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Linen Napkins For Wedding : 

  • Introducing our Homestead Stripe Linen Napkins, a symphony of style and sophistication for your table.
  • Crafted from 100% linen, these 18x18" cloth napkins redefine elegance.
    Elevate your dining experience with the timeless allure of beige, black, royal blue, and red hues – perfect for linen napkin enthusiasts.
  • Each set of 4 striped napkins adds a touch of luxury to your table, be it a formal dinner or a casual gathering.
  • Embrace the art of dining with our Striped Napkins – the epitome of cloth napkins designed for those who appreciate the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Discover the full Homestead Stripe experience with our exclusive collection, featuring tablecloths and coordinating stripe dish towels and Tablecloths.
Dimensions & Easy Care


  • 18 x 18"

Care and Maintenance

  • Machine wash in normal-temperature water
  • Tumble dry on a gentle cycle
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  • Standard USPS free shipping.
  • Order processing time: 1 to 2 days. Orders will be delivered within 6-8 days.

Return & Refund

  • Merchandise must not be worn, washed, or altered.
  • Returns are accepted within 60 days of delivery.
  • For any questions contact
  • Refunds will be processed within 1-2 business days.

needs for homestead stripe napkins

  • Meet all your table-setting needs with our Homestead Stripe Napkins.
  • Crafted from premium linen, these cloth napkins offer a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.
  • Ideal for any occasion, choose from a range of colors – beige, black, royal blue, and red, to match your style.
  • Sized at 18x18", these linen napkins elevate your dining experience.
  • Whether for casual dinners or special events, our Homestead Stripe Napkins are the epitome of refined charm for your table.

Homestead Stripe Napkins

Enhance your table with Homestead Stripe Linen Napkins, crafted from premium linen. These 18x18" cloth napkins redefine elegance for any occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Homestead Stripe Napkins are crafted from 100% linen, redefining luxury with their timeless design.

Linen napkins are a perfect choice for casual dinners as well as festive gatherings, these linen napkins bring elegance to any table setting.

Choose from a palette of beige, black, royal blue, and red, allowing you to complement your style and preferences.

The party napkins are 18x18", providing a perfect combination of function and beauty to enhance your table decor.

Machine wash linen napkins in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Use a gentle cycle, and cleaning linen items separately from heavier fabrics is advisable to avoid friction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Muriel A.Romain
Graceful Elegance

These linen napkins add a touch of grace to any dining experience. The material feels luxurious, and the subtle sheen elevates the overall ambiance.

debbie rector
Excellent Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of these linen napkins is exceptional. The edges are neatly finished, and the stitching is impeccable, showcasing attention to detail.

Janet Rivers
A staple

Sprinkling a bit of festive flair on the table is easy with these linen napkins. The rich colors and quality make them a staple for celebrations.

L. M. Barnes
Minimalist Appeal

If you appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, these linen napkins are a must-have. They bring a sense of calm and simplicity to the table.

sheryl halls
Subtle Sophistication

The subtle detailing on these linen napkins adds a touch of sophistication without being too overpowering.